SMS Mobile Messaging

Start Communicating Today with Our Easy-to-Integrate SMS Mobile Messaging API

Your customers prefer SMS mobile messaging over other methods of communication.

The immediacy, personalization, and speed of SMS mobile messaging make it a powerful, unique marketing channel.

Informatica's SMS Mobile Messaging API has helped countless organizations for nearly a decade build mobile messaging into their applications for SMS notification services, alerts, mobile marketing, verifications, reminders and more.


Reach Customers Immediately

Immediate and reliable through-put is a must for organizations to get their message into the market quickly. Nothing is worse than having your time-sensitive message lag and or never arrive.

Informatica's SMS Mobile Messaging API uses some of the fastest short code speeds in the business for bulk text messaging and can provide you delivery notices directly from the carriers.

You’ll be amazed at the effect these two features will bring to your campaign reporting and customer satisfaction.


Enable Your Mobile Marketing

Start sending in no time: Easily configure our API within your favorite marketing automation software or CRM. Use your database of current and potential customers to increase interactions with your market.

If you don’t know if the contact numbers that you have on file are mobile or landlines, you can use Informatica's Mobile ID API to tell the difference.


Perfect for Customer Service

Want to increase your interactions with your customers and boost satisfaction rates? SMS is perfect for customer service.

Use it to follow up on a call with a customer, as part of a problem resolution, or to connect directly with your customer.


Start a Conversation

People worldwide talk every day using SMS. Configure two-way messaging with SMS to interact with customers in the simple and fast method they prefer.

Use our SMS Mobile Messaging API to have a two-way conversation with your customers as they do with friends and family – converting them from one-time shoppers to brand promoters.


Get Started Today

Application to person (A2P) SMS is growing rapidly and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, reports Portio Research, the leading authority on mobile messaging and marketing (see more in this report).

Other providers in your space are likely already making SMS communication an industry best practice.

Request pricing here -- get involved today and start realizing the benefits of SMS!


  • Easy to Install: Using SOAP or REST, the cloud-based SMS Mobile Messaging API can be quickly integrated within applications or systems that your company has in place.
  • Global Reach: Text messages from the SMS Mobile Messaging API can be sent and received globally. Our SMS gateway gives you reliable and dependable message delivery in over 200 countries and territories.
  • Scalable Pricing: Our flexible, subscription-based pricing fits any budget. Whether you are just getting your messaging program started or you have a well-established SMS strategy – we can offer competitive rates. Contact us today to learn more about our popular blended rate plans regardless of what country you are sending to.