Phone Number Validation

Validate Phone Numbers to Improve Customer Contact Data

The time to discover invalid phone numbers in your contact database is not during the course of your marketing, customer service, or sales efforts.

Don’t let invalid numbers drag your results down with lost time and unnecessary costs.

Validate phone numbers quickly and easily before a call is ever made with our flexible and accurate Phone Number Validation service.


Contact Data Quality Puts Your Customers at the Center of Everything

Customer-centric organizations need valid contact data, particularly customer phone numbers, verified and available throughout all business units. Make the most of your customer communication and ensure positive engagement with customers across every possible touchpoint.

We built our Phone Number Validation solution with the speed of business in mind, so it quickly and accurately improves your organization’s marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.


Use Phone Validation Anywhere You Collect or Store Customer Data

Determine if phone numbers are valid one-at-a-time at the point of entry or data collection, or throughout your database of legacy data you already have collected.

Our cloud-based Phone Validation solution can be implemented anywhere. Integrate Phone Validation into any website, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, call center, marketing automation platform or sales application (such as

Watch the video below for more about the business benefits of Phone Number Validation, including use cases and a product demo.


The Most Up-To-Date Results Available for the US and Canada

This solution verifies the NPA and the NXX (area code and prefix) of all North American Numbering Plan (NANP) phone numbers in the US and Canada.

In addition to verifying the phone number, this solution will return each zip code where this NPA/NXX combination exists. It will also give you the number of phone numbers in each of these ZIP codes.

Phone Validation requires no software updates and very little IT involvement or management to set up.

Get started in just a few hours.


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Combine Phone Validation with Other Solutions for More Powerful Options

Our Phone Validation solution combined with Address Verification and Email Verification Plus Hygiene is available as a powerful bundled service. Get the most from your customer data with these three solutions in one with the Contact Record Verification Suite, and directly impact your communication with prospects and customers across any channel. Learn more here.





Example Apps

Want to try our Phone Number Validation API?

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Below is a demo app that will allow you in 3 easy steps to evaluate our Phone Number Validation service in real-time. Start by entering your account login credentials in Step 1. For Step 2, simply insert the information you would like us to test. Submit and see the results in Step 3!