Do Not Call List Verification

Instantly Retrieve “Do Not Call” Information with Ease & Efficiency

An important part of data quality in your organization is regulatory compliance with the way data is collected, stored, and used. However, marketers don’t have to become compliance experts. Marketers like you need technology solutions to fulfill this compliance automatically and reliably.

Compliance around customer phone numbers is one of those areas that can create major issues if it’s not done correctly. The federal “Do Not Call” list alone has more than 223 million phone numbers in its registry. It receives millions of complaints a year.

Avoid your organization becoming the subject of “Do Not Call” list complaints -- which can create fines in the thousands for each infraction. Apply “Do Not Call” list verification across all of your systems easily.

Our “Do Not Call” list verification service keeps your outbound telephone customer service, sales, and marketing efforts compliant with federal and state regulations.

Eliminate the need to keep track of varied regulations across different “Do Not Call” list laws. Our solution does that for you. Keep customer satisfaction high by only calling those individuals who aren’t on the list.

Avoid complaints and fines from calling customers whose phone numbers are on the three “Do Not Call” lists in the US:

  • The US Federal Trade Commission’s National “Do Not Call” Registry
  • All Existing State Do Not Call Registries
  • The Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service Listing

The FTC recommends checking all of your customer phone numbers every 31 days. However, checking against these sources of data does not have to be a time-consuming, cumbersome process.

Using Informatica’s “Do Not Call” list verification allows you to check your entire database on a schedule you determine for the most up-to-date, accurate results – all from a single data-as-a-service solution.

Use “Do Not Call” List Verification Anywhere You Store Customer Data

Our cloud-based solutions can be implemented anywhere, including call centers, marketing automation platforms, and sales applications (such as

Our solutions require no software updates and very little IT involvement or management to set up.

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