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Businesses target new prospects, partners, suppliers, and other organizations every day as a part of their operations to drive growth. But creating and maintaining these relationships does not work with a one-size-fits-all approach. The more you know about your potential customers, suppliers, and partners, the better your mission-critical planning and decision-making will become.

The importance of having better insight into your business relationships spills into every department. For sales and marketing teams, more data means better targeting, more relevant messaging, and higher quality engagements. Over 90% of B2B marketers personalize or segment their messaging and content, according to a survey by MarketingProfs. Unless you know who your audience is, that messaging can only be guesswork. The IT team needs tools to improve data quality across the organization while breaking down silos and sharing information across departments, for better decision-making. Supply chain managers and procurement professionals need a way to understand more about suppliers and potential partners to eliminate risk, understanding diversity, and meet compliance standards.

Business Data Enrichment from Informatica Data as a Service provides value across your entire organization with a single solution that gives you multiple benefits.

  • Research prospects before a trade show to turn unknowns into opportunities.
  • Create data-driven segmentation and personalization for targeted customer messaging.
  • Ensure your sales teams are pursuing the right potential customers based on their profiles.
  • Segment sales efforts by revenue numbers, industry, geography, or employee count.
  • Research a possible partnership or other business transaction by determining past payment histories and better understand the likelihood of payment remittance.
  • Identify and research potential and existing suppliers for risk assessment and optimization of the supply chain.

Business Data Enrichment gives you instant access to complete, accurate information in real-time. Using this cloud-based service, you gain easy access to company profiles, corporate linkages, supplier diversity and risk profiles, social media profiles, and more. Informatica Data as a Service’s partnership with the recognized leader in business data, Dun & Bradstreet, powers the Business Data Enrichment service. Eliminate inaccurate legacy data, easily understand large amounts of data to drive actionable insights, and drive better business decisions with turnkey integration.

The Business Data Enrichment service from Informatica features:

  • More than 240 million business records.
  • More than 5 million business data updates daily.
  • Best-in-class matching technology.
  • Firmographic and behavior data attributes.
  • In-depth social media data.

Business Data Enrichment also includes access to the universally recognized DUNS number lookup. The Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number allows you to track individual businesses, much like a US social security number is uniquely linked to an individual. Use the DUNS number lookup to validate prospective and existing customers and your suppliers.

Use Business Data Enrichment Anywhere You Acquire and Retain Customer Data
Enrich your company data contact records at the point of data entry for each record, or easily append our data enrichment information to the legacy data you already have collected. Our cloud-based Business Data Enrichment service can be implemented into any system or application. Integrate Business Data Enrichment into any marketing automation platform or sales application. For Informatica customers, Business Data Enrichment is integrated with the Intelligent Data Platform and core applications, including Master Data Management, Total Supplier Management, Data Quality and Data Integration. No matter your needs, you can get started in just a few hours.

Validate Your Contact Data
Phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses are core data elements that sales and marketing leaders need to contact customers. Once you apply Business Data Enrichment to segment and personalize your customer profiles, you are able to send relevant messages – but what happens if you can’t reach your customers? Validate and correct your contact data – before you send a message – using Informatica Data as a Service. Bundle your Business Data Enrichment service with Email Verification Plus Hygiene, Address Verification, and Phone Number Verification to ensure you can reach your customers anywhere in the world.

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