Contact Record Verification Suite

Instantly Validate All Customer Contact Information

Bad data is a serious and costly problem. Companies spend valuable time and money scrubbing and cleansing their contact databases, but they struggle to maintain an accurate customer record.

StrikeIron has built a Contact Record Verification Suite that allows you to take control and regain a full view of the customer. We have several solutions that will directly increase your ability to reach prospects and consumers across any channel. The Contact Record Verification Suite provides instant access to email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and more.

The Suite also enables you to validate, verify, correct and enhance your customers’ contact information in real-time. The end result is cost- and time-efficiency for your organization.

The Contact Record Verification Suite works to prevent bad, dirty data at the source by validating information before it is entered into your database, CRM system, or ERP system. Additionally, it can keep your databases and systems fresh and up-to-date with periodic cleanses. See how our Suite will transform your sales and marketing efforts.


The Contact Record Verification Suite includes the following data quality solutions:

Email Verification
Global Address Verification
Phone Number Validation
Mobile ID


  • Cloud-Based Solutions: No hardware or software to install. Our Contact Record Verification Suite runs on our cloud infrastructure IronCloud, the most mature, reliable and scalable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform in the market. As a 10-year-old platform that processes millions of transactions a day, IronCloud is powerful and scalable architecture, serving thousands of customers on a 24/7 basis. Enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies, depend on IronCloud to complete their mission critical business needs.
  • Accuracy: Improve customer contactability by as much as 90% or more.
  • Easy: Since our Contact Record Verification Suite runs on the award-winning delivery platform IronCloud, it is easy to integrate into any website, web form or other business application. Be up and running in a few hours!
  • Affordability: Flexible, subscription-based pricing to fit any budget.