Contact Record Verification Suite

A Single Solution for Verifying Mailing Addresses, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers

You communicate with your customers every day by mailing orders, sending emails, and through inbound and outbound phone communication.

This type of customer communication is critical to your business. But what if packages are being returned due to invalid addresses? Emails are bouncing because of bad email addresses in your contact lists, and not even phone calls are going through because the phone numbers are invalid.

If just one of these contact record pieces fail, they can cause major issues for your organization. Bad data causes 40% of all business initiatives to fail, according to Gartner.

Don’t let customer satisfaction and service become a failed initiative.

Getting the Most Value From Your Customer Information

A complete 360-degree view of the customer is the goal of all savvy organizations.

Not only is it expensive to collect customer contact data, the costs pile up when the data is not usable due to inaccuracies.

Benefits of good contact data include increased customer satisfaction, better marketing results, and improved sales performance.

Validate, verify, correct and enhance your data in real-time at the point of collection — before you use it.

Reduce costs, increase the quality of your data, and improve your ability to contact customers by 90% or more with the Contact Record Verification Suite.

Click play to watch a video demo of the Contact Record Verification Suite integrated into a webform.


Three Data Quality Solutions Combined

Directly increase your ability to reach prospects and customers across any channel with Contact Record Verification, which includes:

– Email Verification: Reduce bounces and ensure that your hard work reaches the inbox — and not the junk folder. Learn more.

– Global Address Verification: Ensure properly formatted global addresses are correct and uniform for accurate delivery of order shipments and direct mail to your customers. Learn more.

– Phone Number Validation: Validate phone numbers quickly and easily before you call them. Learn more.

Watch a video demo showing these three solutions working together on one website form.


Use Contact Record Verification Anywhere You Collect or Store Customer Data

Keep collecting contact data the same way you do today, while ensuring it’s accurate and ready to use.

You can easily implement our contact record verification solutions anywhere. There are no software updates required, and very little involvement from your IT team is needed.

Our data solutions are entirely cloud-based and can be easily integrated into any website, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, call center, or business application.