ZIP and Postal Code Information

Instantly Retrieve Key Elements off any U.S. or Canadian Address

The ZIP and Postal Code Information Web Service instantly retrieves the city, state, county, time zone, latitude and longitude, ZIP and Postal Codes within a radius, and U.S. census information for a given U.S. ZIP or Canadian Postal Code.


  • Accuracy: Proven reliable solution that provides accurate, real-time results. Capitalizes on current data assets.
  • Delivery: No software to install. Our ZIP & Postal Code Information Solution runs on our
    cloud infrastructure IronCloud, which is the most mature, reliable and scalable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform in the market. As a 10-year-old platform that processes millions of transactions a day, IronCloud is powerful and scalable architecture, serving thousands of customers on a 24/7 basis. Enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies, depend on IronCloud to complete their mission critical business needs.
  • Price: Competitive, subscription-based pricing.
  • Support: We’re here to help. During every step of the implementation process, the StrikeIron team is always willing to answer any questions or technical concerns.




Example Apps

Want to try our ZIP and Postal Code Information API?

To use any of our services, you must first have or signup for a free StrikeIron account. Once you have created and activated an account, you will have access to try all of StrikeIron’s solutions. Below is a demo app that will allow you in 3 easy steps to evaluate our ZIP and Postal Code Information service in real-time. Start by entering your account login credentials in Step 1. For Step 2, simply insert the information you would like us to test. Submit and see the results in Step 3!