AddressDoctor Global Address Verification

Instantly Validate International Addresses

Address data is just not the same everywhere. In addition to language differences, almost every country has its own address format. For this reason, it can be challenging to send mail to international customers.

It is imperative businesses have accurately formatted global addresses. Returned mail and packages means wasted time and money, as well as unsatisfied customers. This is why it is essential that you validate international customers’ mailing addresses before sending mail.

The AddressDoctor global address verification solution is tailored specifically to meet your business needs. The AddressDoctor solution will allow you to improve sales and marketing efforts by ensuring shipping orders and direct mail are delivered to the right address. Over 240 countries and territories are supported - see the full list here.

The cloud-based solution reduces undeliverable mail and wasted postage by 90% or more. The end-results for your organization are saved time and resources associated with returned mail and packages.

See how our Global Address Validation Solution can take your customer service and direct mail campaigns to the next level. Deliver direct mailings and packages on the first try, every time.


  • Cloud-Based Solution: No software to install.
  • Accuracy: Improve customer contactability by 90% or more. Our Global Address Verification Solution has unparalleled accuracy. It keeps your CRM databases clean by entering clean, valid addresses.
  • Easy: Since the AddressDoctor solution is cloud-based, it is easy to integrate into any website, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, CRM system or other business application. Be up and running in a few hours!
  • Affordability: Flexible, subscription-based pricing to fit any budget.


Example of Global Address Verification

See the example below, or visit the AddressDoctor site for an online demo.



Example Apps

Want to try the AddressDoctor global address verification API?

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Below is a demo app that will allow you in 3 easy steps to evaluate our Global Address Verification service in real-time. Start by entering your account login credentials in Step 1. For Step 2, simply insert the information you would like us to test. Submit and see the results in Step 3!