Accurate, Affordable and Easy-to-Integrate Solutions

Informatica offers a broad product portfolio of proven, powerful data quality and communications solutions that will transform and streamline your business. We provide instant access to live, accurate, and actionable data – when and where you need it. We also enable businesses to communicate with consumers in the medium of their choice.

Our cloud-based solutions are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system including web forms, eCommerce shopping carts, and CRM systems.


Contact Record Verification Suite

Easily clean, automatically verify, and consistently keep your prospects and customers’ contact information current. Accurate, accessible and actionable data allows you to reach the people you want anytime, anywhere, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.


Email Verification and Hygiene

If email messages don’t reach your intended recipients, they are useless and will even hurt deliverability across all of your customers. You can quickly and effortlessly verify and validate email addresses and domains to ensure their accuracy before you spend unnecessary time, energy and money, increasing your message deliverability by 90%.


SMS Mobile Messaging

Reach people on their mobile devices and smart phone by instantly sending single or bulk SMS text messages to virtually any mobile phone no matter the carrier.



North American Address Verification

Ensure deliverability of your products, services and marketing efforts by verifying and correcting any postal address in the U.S. or Canada, reducing costs of returned or lost shipments. This solution seamlessly corrects addresses, adds ZIP+4 data, offers delivery point verification, and provides additional information about congressional districts, carrier routes and more.


Global Address Verification

Improve deliverability accuracy and reduce unnecessary shipment and return expenses by integrating real-time technology to verify and correct addresses in nearly 250 countries. Get even more value by standardizing formatting, specifying country of origin and identifying the preferred language.


Reverse Phone and Address Lookup

Access detailed addresses and phone numbers for both consumer and business contacts including mobile and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers. Based on a phone number, company or person’s name, you can easily add consumer and business information, enhancing the value of your data.



Sales Tax Calculation

eCommerce is here to stay with more people shopping online every day. Automate sales tax by integrating a real-time API solution to calculate the correct tax based on the delivery address, state laws and product or category rates.


Do Not Call List Verification

Increase your productivity and ensure legal compliance by automatically cross-referencing phone numbers against U.S. Federal, State, and Direct Marketing Association “Do Not Call” databases before dialing. It’s that simple.


Phone Number Validation

Don’t waste time calling inaccurate and invalid phone numbers if you don’t have to? Verify and validate phone numbers in 240 countries and territories in real-time.


Mobile ID

Instantly determine if your phone numbers are landlines or cellular. Save time and resources by knowing the type of number before trying to place a call or SMS text.


Foreign Exchange Rates

Effortlessly keep track of foreign exchange rates for 160 currencies. Information is updated every 30 minutes and shows a history of foreign exchange rates based on London close at 11:30 a.m. EST.

ZIP and Postal Code Information

You can learn a lot from a U.S. ZIP or Canadian Postal Code by instantly retrieving a city, state, county, time zone, latitude and longitude, ZIP and Postal Codes within a certain radius, and even U.S. Census Bureau information, offering additional insights and market data about your customers and prospects.



Business Data Enrichment

Valuable insights about companies are easily accessible through Business Data Enrichment, which delivers details about a specific business, including company profiles, corporate linkages, supplier diversity and risk profiles, social media profiles, and more.


NCOA Verification

Approximately 40 million Americans change their address every year. Keep your data up-to-date so you can efficiently reach your customers and prospects when the need arises.

Automotive Append

Automotive Append expands your view of your customer with information on what vehicles your customers own, drawn from nearly 200 billion records.



Address Distance Calculator

The distance from Point A to Point B is easy to figure out. Input two different addresses in the U.S. or Canada and you have your answer.


Canada Geocode Information

Pinpoint the exact location of any address in Canada using Geocode technologies from to improve operations, supply chain logistics and refine demographic reporting.


Geo IP Location

Discover valuable market research insights about where your website visitors live, their IP Address ranges, IP Address owner, latitude and longitude, time zone and location.


IP Address Lookup

Need an IP address? Enter a web server domain name and the answer appears.


US Census Information

Market research enables business executives to make agile, solid, data-driven decisions. When companies look to expand into a new geographic region, additional demographic, social, economic and household information for any state, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico can add value.


US Geocode Information

Instantly pinpoint the exact location of any address in the U.S. with geocode technology to improve operations, supply chain logistics and refine demographic reporting.