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StrikeIron empowers you to create better business solutions to increase your revenue, differentiate offerings and improve customer business value. StrikeIron’s Partner Program includes Technology Partners, Referral Partners, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and OEM Partners.

Current Partners Include:


A CRM is only as good as the data within it, which is why several of StrikeIron’s data validation services are integrated into the Salesforce platform. They are currently available within the appExchange. Read more about StrikeIron’s solutions for Salesforce users.




ExactTarget is an industry leader in providing automated digital marketing solutions. Since email is at the core of many marketing communications programs, StrikeIron has integrated its innovative email address verification capabilities into a full-featured ExactTarget certified plug-in application to help ExactTarget customers get significantly more ROI from their marketing automation investments. This Email Verification Plus Hygiene solution supports best practices for email communication by verifying and cleansing subscriber email lists, increasing email deliverability and reducing the risk of sending to malicious addresses that harm user reputation. Read more about StrikeIron’s Email Verification Plus Hygiene tool for ExactTarget users.



StrikeIron is a Marketo technology partner, providing real-time customer and marketing data validation fully integrated within Marketo’s automated marketing platform. This integration ensures marketing campaigns within Marketo’s solution are built on top of a foundation of high-quality, accurate, and complete data. In addition to validating customer and prospect data, StrikeIron also offers a fully-integrated text messaging solution within the Marketo platform. Read more here about StrikeIron’s tools for Marketo users.


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StrikeIron’s Email Verification Plus Hygiene application ensures best practices in email marketing and communications for Bronto users by detecting the validity, reliability and safety of customer email addresses. By leveraging StrikeIron’s solutions, Bronto users can verify and cleanse subscriber email lists with the click of a button using this fully integrated app.Read more about StrikeIron’s Email Verification Plus Hygiene tool for Bronto users.



Since data validation is a very critical step in the integration of data between various applications, Informatica has incorporated several StrikeIron services within its Cloud platform. These services can be used via the Informatica Cloud StrikeIron plug-in or as directly integrated within the Informatica Cloud platform (per our most recent partnership initiative with Informatica).




StrikeIron powers the DataFlux Marketplace with its IronCloud platform, enabling SAS to deliver Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to its customers within various data management offerings.




SAP has integrated several StrikeIron services into its Business ByDesign platform offering, enabling automatic data validation directly within the platform.




Several of StrikeIron’s Contact Record Validation products are integrated within Oracle applications. Since having high quality data is an important component of success within any CRM system, these data validation products are available for use directly within both Oracle CRM On Demand as well as Oracle Fusion CRM.




Microsoft makes several of StrikeIron’s data validation services available through its Windows Azure Marketplace, enabling these services to be pre-integrated into various Microsoft products or within applications built on top of the Azure platform.




StrikeIron’s data services are available as a Standard Connector for integration within Dell Boomi’s Cloud Integration Platform. StrikeIron is a Boomi ISV Partner.




StrikeIron’s data validation services are available and integrated into Tomax’s retail, point-of-sale, and customer experience solutions.




Several of StrikeIron’s data services are available as Extensions within the Magento Extension Marketplace, as well as for immediate use within the Magento Commerce Platform. Magento’s storefront management platform is a key component of eBay’s X.commerce initiative.




Several of StrikeIron’s services are pre-integrated into MarketLive’s end-to-end commerce platform. They are available for immediate use, and seamlessly integrating within the eCommerce platform.




StrikeIron is an Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner, providing data quality functionality and SMS capabilities within Oracle’s marketing automation and revenue performance platform.





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