IronCloud Platform

New revenue streams & sales channels by sharing data via APIs.

Companies with data in closed enterprise applications, software-as-a-service, and legacy systems can finally tear down access barriers – and the conduit for making it happen is APIs. Sharing your data assets via APIs not only gives your data greater value, but creates new business opportunities for revenue.




APIs offer a direct, live connection to data that creates a better end user experience for your customers and facilitates a fresh and modern approach to data exchange.

The challenge is developing, deploying, and delivering APIs, which requires control, security, hosting, infrastructure and much more. The IronCloud API management platform was built to make this challenge easier, predictable, scalable, and faster to implement.

Created in 2003, IronCloud is the most mature and reliable API management solution available. IronCloud enables access control and new functionality for your data assets, while accelerating speed-to-market and reducing complexity. StrikeIron’s methodology walks your organization through all stages of API management – click here to learn more (PDF).

IronCloud was developed with the business management user in mind, such as sales teams, product management teams, and similar non-technical business team members, so a company’s data assets could be easily monetized.

The platform also ensures your data assets can be integrated with other systems like mobile applications, on the web, customer relationship software, and SaaS applications so you can reach more customers.

Because IronCloud was built with a focus on monetizing your data assets, the management console includes visibility into how much data your customer is using, the potential each customer has to be upgraded or if there is a risk of customer churn. Billing options are built in as well, including invoicing, credit card payments, subscription payment models and many more.

See sample screenshots below:


API Management with security settings

Customer Profile Screen in API Management Platform







Fully Outsourced API Solution:
You need more than API management to deploy an enterprise grade API. Our fully hosted solution drastically reduces time-to-market and StrikeIron handles all operational management. 


Flexible Hosting Options:
IronCloud provides the fastest time-to-market while letting API consumers access your data or software wherever you choose to locate it. IronCloud supports any combination of hosting options. We can work with your data and software wherever you would like for it to live — Whether that is in StrikeIron’s infrastructure, your data centers, or in the public cloud. 


Powerful, Dependable Architecture:
IronCloud™ is a proven cloud solution that thousands of businesses trust with their data quality and communication needs. Created in 2003, it is a reliable platform that you can depend on to have exceptionally high levels of uptime and performance in delivering your APIs. 


Leadership and Innovation:
StrikeIron was the first company to develop a Data-as-a-Service platform, as well as a fully outsourced API management and hosting platform. Since IronCloud’s development in 2003, we have maintained our position as a technology leader and innovator. As a pioneer in Data-as-a-Service, we provide leading-edge technology without the bleeding edge bugs. 


StrikeIron Support:
A world-class team of implementation and support engineers, located at StrikeIron headquarters in the Research Triangle Park area, is always available to help with integrations and any technical questions. 


Seamless Integration:
Once your data and software is hosted in IronCloud, implementation is a snap using SOAP and REST web service interfaces that include sample code in popular languages such as Ruby, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Java, PERL and Python. We also have streamlined integrations into leading SaaS and on-premise applications including, Informatica, Magento, Marketo and Eloqua


Developer Community:
Thousands of application developers and IT professionals have easily integrated StrikeIron APIs. Leverage this network to broaden the audience for your own APIs.